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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tonight You Belong to Me

A rendition of a classic song from "The Jerk". 


We hope you enjoy our amateur musings.  For the ukulele chords and lyrics, please see the full post:

Tonight You Belong To Me
From the movie “The Jerk”

Intro :  G6       C add9  G6 (2x)

    G6                           G7sus4   G7
I know (I know) you belong
     Cmaj7   C6            G+5     D#-5
To some  -           body new
But tonight
        D7 (open)    G6          
You belong       to me

D7       Amin      Amin    G          D# 7+9   ?

   G6                                G7sus4   G7
Although (although) we're apart
               Cmaj7   C6       G+5     D#-5
You are a part           of my heart
But tonight
      D7 (open)    G6
You belong     to me

Way down by the stream
How sweet it will seem
        Gmaj    F#maj   Fmaj    E7
Once more    just        to         dream
          A7                   D7
In the moonlight

   G6                                               G7sus4   G7
My honey I know (I know) With the dawn
       Cmaj7   C6            G+5     D#-5
That you              will be gone
But tonight
     D7 (open)     G6           
You belong     to me

     D7 (open)     G6 


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